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History 8 Pages

Rome In The East & Rome And The Arabs


You must make use of class NOTES & TEXTS.

Append a reference list if you go beyond the class notes. Cite using parenthetical notation, e.g. (Fisher, p. 36) or (Class notes, Sept 23). Make sure to support your argument with evidence from class notes and the text(s) for the course. 

Must use these three text books and lecture notes (+ 5 other sources you wish to use)

  1. W. Ball. Rome in the East. The Transformation of an Empire (2000).
  2. P. Edwell, Between Rome and Persia. The Middle Euphrates and Palmyra under Roman Control (2008).
  3. G. Fisher. Rome and the Arabs Before the Rise of Islam (2013)
Short answers: 
  1. How did the Romans and Persians use their Arab clients in the war fought by the two states? Provide concrete examples from material covered in class. (2 pages) 
  2. Assess the way(s) in which the Christian religion facilitated the movement of Arabs from being ‘barbarian outsiders’ to being ‘imperial insiders.’ Provide concrete examples from material covered in class. (2 pages) 
  3. In what way(s) did the Muslim conquests represent an evolution of pre-existing political, cultural, and religious trends? In what way(s) were they different? Discuss two or three examples to illustrate your response, and be sure to justify your answer. Provide concrete examples from material covered in class. (2 pages) 
Longer answer (3 pages) 
  1. For many years, the history of the Arabian peninsula in Late Antiquity (c. AD 200–800) was divorced from ancient history (i.e. the history of the Roman Empire) more generally. What reasons might explain this? Do you agree with the premise offered in this course that the history of Arabia needs to be seen from the broader perspective of Roman and Persian history? Provide concrete examples from material covered in class.

Title: Rome In The East & Rome And The Arabs
Length: 8 pages (2200 Words)
Style: N/A


The wars between Sassanid Persia and the Roman Empire were fought over many centuries. The war was begun by pro-Roman revolts in the Caucasus areas that were under the hegemony of Persians. The Roman Empire was placed between the Persians and the Avars in the west while the Persian Empire was placed between the Romans and the Persians in the north.

Arabs were great at fighting on horse backs and camel backs and were, therefore, helpful, to both states during the wars. Kavadh, a Persian emperor, uses Arabian allies to ravage against the Roman Empire and instil fear (notes 65). Arabia features in many proxy fights between the two states. The Romans also recruited Arabs into their armies. The two states gained a lot of wealth by controlling trade in the Arab area.

The Roman and Persian empires befriended the Arab states by first backing them as allies. The Roman backed a pro-faction in a takeover of Yemen while the Persians retaliated by backing their allies in restoring Yemen as a Persian client state. Both the Romans and the Persians, therefore, used Yemen as a battle ground to show their power. The client Arab tribes in Yemen fought against each other in support of either the Persians or the Romans (Edwell 5).


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