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Rituals And Festivals


The primary goal of this assignment is to research and to provide an opportunity to talk to and interact with people of other races (not African American) and ethnicities and know them at interpersonal level (contact hypothesis). This probably is one of the best approaches one can have in understanding people of other races and ethnicities and to help you become an effective interracial and interethnic communicator. You may choose anybody to talk to – your colleague at work, a classmate or someone in the campus or in the community so long as the person(s) is from a different race or ethnicity other than your own (I am African American). Do some research on the topic or activity and the race and ethnicity before you embark on completing these assignments that is based upon their Rituals and festivals. Talk to them of their lifestyle, family structure, religious practices, etc.


Title: Rituals And Festivals
Length: 2 pages (600 Words)
Style: APA


Speaking to Xi, one of my friends with whom we live in the same neighborhood, I have learned quite a number of things about the Chinese culture. Primarily, the Chinese culture is known to be one among the oldest cultures in the world, covering an extensive geographical region across the eastern part of Asia. Unlike many cultures across the world, the Chinese culture has survived the negative and diluting effects of globalism. While many other world cultures have been affected by such vices as moral decay, the Chinese traditions have stood the test of time, with many people in China observing the cultural festivals and beliefs. Until now, the culture of the Chinese people bears the same characteristics it had centuries ago. The rate at which some aspects of the Chinese culture are being embraced across the world is a sign that it is a noteworthy culture, which roots remain deep. 


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