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Write a paper on:Traffic Congestion; a Problem to the Nation (1)


Title: Revision Of Order #150562302. Writer's Choice
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Traffic Congestion; a Problem to the Nation (1)

Congestion on the roads is a headache to commuters in the city and solutions must be found to reduce the menace. Traffic jams are not only frustrating, but also a major cause of air pollution. They further contribute to climate change and affect people’s health. For example, the longer the vehicles stay on the traffic, the more they emit Carbon IV Oxide into the air (Moskvitch). Passengers also suffer from fatigue due to staying in the vehicles for long hours. Additionally, people suffer from air pollution related diseases such as respiratory complications. Traffic jams, too, contribute to low work morale among workers. As such, the department should outline some of the measures being implemented to reduce the problem.


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