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Reverse Deterrence in Racial Profiling
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Reverse Deterrence In Racial Profiling


Use the article attached to write a reaction paper to the article: Reverse Deterrence in Racial Profiling

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Title: Reverse Deterrence In Racial Profiling
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Reverse Deterrence in Racial Profiling

The paper on reverse deterrence in racial profiling was enlightening on the topic. Information shared in the article not only confirmed the reverse deterrent effect on the illegal behavior of members of a non-profiled majority group, but also assured of a tendency to crime by certain minority groups. In this respect, the tests conducted revealed that African –American individuals were inclined to cheat if they felt that they were likely to get away with it. In addition, it was also noted that white citizens were concerned with issues raised on racial profiling, especially when such incidences affected the black Americans. It was, however, shocking that when white citizens were involved in profiling cases, the black citizens were unconcerned in most instances. The findings confirmed the hypothesis.

From the start, the approach taken by the authors was clear and non-ambiguous. Ensuring that the audience understood the meaning of racial profiling, which was an essential subject of the paper was, thus, imperative. As such, the act was described as the use of ethnic background by law enforcers to judge possible criminals. Such habits apparently were notable, with constant reports on the news, survey reports, as well as court rulings serving as reliable sources of information on that orientation. For sure, in many jurisdictions, African Americans and Hispanics are subjected to unfair stops and searches. Most alarming is the rates at which such unjust occurrences have taken place.

The authors then highlight the thesis of the paper, which is explained as the purpose of the report. It serves to notify the audience of the confines of the paper in terms of scope and subject. As such, I think that it is a crucial part in any piece of writing. In addition, it clarifies the areas that will not be discussed in a given piece of writing. In this particular case, the article explained that it would not be documenting the extent of racial profiling in the United States. Reason for this decision was the widespread literature on the particular context by a variety of scholars. It would thus appear repetitive and dull, as it would not lead to any new discoveries on the topic. In respect to the studies, given that no new revelations would be acknowledged, the scholarly attributes of the study would not be significantly influenced. The presence of credible studies indicating an absence of racial profiling in some jurisdictions also eliminates the suitability of that orientation as a course of pursuing the particular subject of racial profiling.


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