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Retirement Plans/ Savings



Retirement experience of respondent

retirement planning of respondent

ever retired

preparations for retirement

reasons for retirement

spousal influences on retirements


Title: Retirement Plans/ Savings
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Style: APA


Research question: Should individuals have retirement plans & savings?

Reference:Birken, E. G. (2014). The 5 Years Before You Retire: Retirement Planning When You Need It the Most. MA: Adams Media.

Elderman, R. (2014). The Truth About Retirement Plans & IRAs. NJ: Simon & Schuster.

Slesnick, T., & Suttle, J. (2009). IRAs, 401(k) & Other Retirement Plans: Taking Your Money Out. California: NOLO.


This paper will deliberate on the benefits of retirement plans & savings. There were 17,276 respondents: one of the cases was explicitly analyzed. The case chosen was that of Mr. John Mahama. The respondent, a Mr. John Mahama, retired from his managerial position with a textile company in 2008. Retirement in this essence is the deliberate cessation of one’s services to his or her employer. This is often brought about by several reasons which range from health concerns to company policies on age viability.


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