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Retention Practices And Challenges In Human Resource Management


Write a research paper about the Retention Practices and Challenges in Human Resource Management.


Title: Retention Practices And Challenges In Human Resource Management
Length: 9 pages (3197 Words)
Style: Havard


1.0 Introduction

Retention is the act of retaining employees especially those who are more skilled in order for the organization to continue benefiting from their labor. There are several retention programs employed by organizations. However, all of them are geared towards making the employees happy in order to reduce employee turnover.  Retention has been ignored as a business practice when the company is facing challenges such as hard economic times (James, 2012, p. 45). However, despite the economic problems that come along the way, employers try hard to retain the best employees. The current trends in most companies in UAE when there is a financial crisis in the company is that they retrench some employees (Lucy, 2013, p.16). The companies then introduce the multi-tasking system where one employee performs the work or duties of several others. The companies choose to go down the road of downsizing their workforce due to the high costs of retaining them whereas their jobs do not match the costs incurred (Panaccio, & Waxin, 2010, p. 60). Retention would mean that the employees are given their full benefits and salaries and deductions to their obligations are made despite their few duties. Most companies in the UAE prefer to lay down such workers despite their loyalty (Jack, 2013, p.4). This reduces work morale among the workers. Although there is an outcry on the number of the total number of employees being laid off in the UAE every year, which is on the rise, the method of retention cannot be afforded by most companies due to the high costs and a lot of involvement in management (Sanders & Yang, 2015, p.50). The research focuses on the retention practice employed by different organizations in UAE, and the challenges they might face when it comes to implementation of these practices, especially in the human resource departments. The research is important as it aims to shed light on the retention practices, and the reasons for abandoning the practices in the recent past. However, it attempts to show the benefits that come with retention strategies, which outweigh the challenges and finally recommending the implementation of the strategies. The research will be carried out in companies that have human resource departments and especially on the management of these departments. The study will mostly be done on companies that have a large human resource department, which manage around 300 employees. This study aims at finding out which methods are used in retention and the exact challenges the employers face when it comes to using this method of handling employees.

2.0 Aim of the research

The aim of the research is to investigate the types of retention practices in most human resource departments or companies in the UAE, the challenges faced in implementing this practice, why they are quite on the low and are not considered especially during problems for instance in the wake of economic crises in a given country or region.


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