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Responses to Week 7 and 8 Questions

Responses To Week 7 And 8 Questions


Answer the questions bellow.

Maximum 250 words for each questions, and at least 3 references each.
Week 7: Can any of the heuristics and biases account for any 'bad' decisions that you have made in the past?

Week 8: In what way does the self-Determination model of motivation lead to the ‘meaning’ of the job?


Title: Responses To Week 7 And 8 Questions
Length: 2 pages (550 Words)
Style: Havard


Can Heuristics and Biases Account for Any ‘Bad’ Decisions I Have Made in the Past?

I probably make many decisions every day. Fortunately, heuristics allow me to make such decisions with ease. In the past, the familiarity heuristic made me to spend without conducting due diligence on my actions (Kahneman 2003). My decisions were also backed by cognitive bias, bearing in mind the probability of an event to happen.

Perhaps, the decision to use private car instead of the public transport I usually use during the month of August reflects the bad influence of the familiarity heuristic and the cognitive bias. August is often perceived as the dark month of the calendar in my country because of the many traffic accidents that occur during the month. Notably, these accidents happen because majority of the citizens, usually on holidays, travel by public transport to rural areas for family reunions and property visits because it is affordable and convenient (Tversky & Kahneman 1975). 

I also regularly prefer the public transport for the same reasons. With such assumptions, I thought accidents will replicate this year and opted to use my private car. On the contrary, fewer accidents were reported due to increased safety checks by the national transport safety authority. Besides, I also overlooked the costs of using personal means of transport only to realize that I must borrow additional cash to fuel my car back to the city (Gilovich, Griffin, & Kahneman 2000). Evidently, familiarity heuristic and cognitive bias misled me to pretermit costs of private transport and to emphasize underlying past circumstances that did not hold true for the present event.


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