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Response To The 4 Questions Based On The Provided Article.


Respond to the following questions based on the article cited below.

            Edwards, K. E., & Jones, S. R. (2009). “Putting my man face on”: A grounded theory of college men’s gender identity development. Journal of College Student Development, 50, 210–228.

(1)  Why did Edwards and Jones choose a grounded theory methodology? Why is a grounded theory more useful than other qualitative methodologies (Case Study/Ethnography/Phenomenology? 

(2)  Describe the participant selection process. What type of sampling was used? Why was theoretical sampling used? If you were to add more individuals to the sample, who would you include and why?  

(3)  Data collection and analysis in grounded theory can oftentimes be an overwhelming process. First, describe the data collection techniques. How did Edwards and Jones collect data? How did the data collection process change during the duration of the study? Additionally, describe the analysis of the data. What type of coding was used? 

(4)  A key component of grounded theory is developing a theory. First, describe the theory. Next, state your reactions to the theory. Does the theory seem to be grounded in the data? Is there anything you would change about it? Why or why not?


Title: Response To The 4 Questions Based On The Provided Article.
Length: 2 pages (600 Words)
Style: MLA


Question 1

Edwards and Jones choose a grounded theory methodology because he needed a systematic, and a qualitative procedure to generate a theory that would explain at a very broad level, the theory of the identity development of college men’s gender.

A grounded theory is more useful than other qualitative methodologies such as Case Study, Ethnography and Phenomenology because the theory is grounded or rooted in observation. Moreover, the theory is explained in words and is usually presented with much of the contextually relevant detail collected.


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