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Ethics 2 Pages

Response To Questions On Ethics


Consider these three problems. In writing a paper about all three of them individually, identify the consequences of the actions taken, and then determine whether the actions taken represented a greater good, who would benefit from the good, and whether the consequences ethically justify the decisions and actions.

  1. The Mayor of a large city was given a free membership in an exclusive golf club by people who have received several city contracts. He also accepted gifts from organizations that have not done business with the City but might in the future. The gifts ranged from $200 tickets to professional sports events to designer watches and jewelry.
  2. A college instructor is pursuing her doctorate in night school. To gain extra time for her own studies, she gives her students the same lectures, the same assignments, and the same examinations semester after semester without the slightest effort to improve them.
  3. Todd and Edna have been married for three years. They have had serious personal problems. Edna is a heavy drinker, and Todd cannot keep a job. Also, they have bickered and fought constantly since their marriage. Deciding that the way to overcome their problems is to have a child, they stop practicing birth control, and Edna becomes pregnant.

Write an answer to all three parts. How would Locke have addressed or solved the problem? Explain how his ethics and the answer he may have given are different or the same as yours.


Title: Response To Questions On Ethics
Length: 2 pages (613 Words)
Style: APA


Question 1

The decision made by the mayor to accept the gifts from the organizations was ethical and right since its normal for people to accept gifts when given. Such attitude may result in a good relationship between the organizations and the local people in the city even though they are currently not involved in a contract with the companies. This cautious act created a good relationship with the organizations. This means that in this very case not just the mayor is benefiting from the gifts, but the city might also benefit in future when doing a business with the organizations since a good relationship was created by the mayor. However, when they mayor accepted the gifts offered by the organization the gifts might have acted as bribes to be favored when conducting a business in future. It basically means that the final result of the action did not ethically justify his decision.


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