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Response To Home Burial Poem


Write a Focused Personal Response to a Poem. Name of Poem: “Home Burial” by Robert Frost

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Title: Response To Home Burial Poem
Length: 3 pages (929 Words)
Style: MLA


Home Burial

“Home Burial” is a poem written by Robert Frost. The 120 lines-poem is about a bereaved family’s inability to communicate with one another following the loss of their son. The poem has two tragedies: the death of the child and the crushing grief of the family. The rural wife and husband lack proper communication; with certainty, the woman is subjective while the man is objective about the loss of the son since he has already accepted and being a peasant farmer, tries his best to handle the situation. Indeed, the husband watches the wife struggle with her grief but lacks a proper way of consoling her. For instance, the husband watches his wife stare at the graveyard through the window where their son was buried. The


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