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Response: Step By Step: Walking For Fitness


Write a response essay to: "Step by Step: Walking for Fitness" by Zamora Dulche. See the attached document as a reference

Step by Step: Walking for Fitness 


Title: Response: Step By Step: Walking For Fitness
Length: 1 pages (275 Words)
Style: MLA


Response: Step by Step: Walking for Fitness

“Step by Step: Walking for Fitness” by Zamora Dulche is an interesting read that presents practical ideas on the aspects of walking as a fitness exercise. Several researchers document the effects of walking on human health and the concepts presented in the paper explain this overall message clearly and practically. What the author writes about walking as a fitness exercise is a point that expresses the common popularity of research. Zamora Dulche makes intuitive, objective, and insightful comments that shed light on the importance of walking on human fitness and physical health.


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