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Response Paper

Response Paper


Coates, T. 2015. “The Black Family in the Age of Mass Incarceration (Links to an external site.).” The Atlantic (October)

Gottschalk, M. 2010. “Cell Blocks and Red Ink: Mass Incarceration, the Great Recession & Penal Reform,” Daedalus (139): 62-73.


Please write a two-page response paper summarizing the two readings above. Also include at least two questions relating to the readings and/or questions that you would like to ask the guest lecturer for that week.


Title: Response Paper
Length: 2 pages (550 Words)
Style: MLA


Response Paper

             The article by Coates examines the impact behaviors by low class person in the cities. The author presents his ideas based on Moynihan who was an optimistic person in his youthful age. Moynihan is a representation of the low class people in the society who work towards achieving greatness at whatever cost, no matter the struggles and tribulations. During his young years Moynihan, considered making proper use of his time to work while studying for the sake of assisting his family meet its daily needs. As such, he managed to boost the expenses of the family by a great margin during the time that he was working. Moynihan was very optimistic, something which earned him great honor because he deserved it. Books written about Moynihan portray him as an energetic person in his youthful age, something that he potentially transferred from his personality at the young age into politics later on in life. Although he was strong enough to counter poverty and related issues, he faced some level of disillusionment when it came to


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