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Response About Hukou System


Write a 350-500 word written response about the Hukou system in China, based on the article “The Ant Tribe of China” by Doug Saunders.  You must use at least two appropriate APA in-text citations from the article.  Do NOT use any other articles or websites for this essay.

Your thesis statement should either agree with Saunders’ main point or disagree with it. Your essay will contain opinion.

Begin your response essay with a summary of the main idea in the article (in your own words).  You must make a reference page for the assignment.

Your response may be written in first person (but no second person).  Your work must contain a clear thesis statement that reveals a definite point of view.  Your essay should be four short paragraphs in length


Title: Response About Hukou System
Length: 2 pages (530 Words)
Style: APA


Response about Hukou System

While the Chinese government is trying to reform the hukou system according to the 2012 government initiative, the “Ant Tribe” is still waiting to see changes happen in the big cities of Guangzhou, Shanghai and Beijing (P.3).  For years, the ant tribe has been viewed as an obsession in because they compete for opportunities with the natives of the cities. The Chinese Hukou system is characterized by economic inequality that results from restrictive economic mobility and the rise of a social class system. Ideally, the circumstance of birth defines people’s economic blessing or curse especially to the middle class workers. Despite President Xi Jinping party’s philosophy on uplifting peoples’ lives by making china a middle class economy, the ant tribe does not have the reason to smile (P.2). Their conditions remain unchanged and they know this is an inhumane lifestyle.


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