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Response 2


Write a response paper on  Psychology  that will include summary.

  • Relate To Class
  • Relate To Own Life
  • Opinion
  • Question/Criticism
  • Mechanics

Title: Response 2
Length: 2 pages (550 Words)
Style: APA



The study of psychology in an institution of higher learning is challenging even though it comes with various benefits. The student undertaking the course is a position to understand some of the basic psychological terms often misquoted in the public. The person going through the course is able to conceptualize the scientific method, which helps in the interpretation of the results or an abnormal event in society. 

A psychologist is probably a critical thinker in the sense that the methods applied in studying it are diverse. Critical thinking is needed in the daily lives because the situations are often complex implying they are not as easy as they may appear. Individuals need to analyze a situation keenly, develop strategies of approaching this complex situation, and move on to offer a solution. Psychologists are better placed to undertake this exercise with much ease as compared to others in difference fields. In many organizations, people fail to adapt to the work environment because they succumb to the trappings of the environment. Through industrial psychology, it is possible to understand some of the causes of employee ineffectiveness. 

Psychology allows the understanding of human dynamics in the workplace. Relationships play an important role both in the workplace and in families. A close relationship exists between an individual’s family or private life and the work life. Therefore, striking a balance between the two is advisable if an individual is to achieve organizational and personal ambitions. In other words, psychology is applicable in many fields.


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