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Research Prospectus On Corruption In Fifa


Research Questions

  • What are the impacts of bribes in the FIFA association?
  • What are the reactions from the individuals concerned after realization that there is corruption taking place within the association?
  • Are there any statistics of bribe cases solved before and were the victims disciplined in the right way?
  • What is the future of football management if the corruption present within the governing body does not stop?
  • Who are some of the people alleged to have taken bribes in FIFA and why were they accused?

Title: Research Prospectus On Corruption In Fifa
Length: 7 pages (2123 Words)
Style: APA


Bribes in FIFA


Corruption has been a matter of concern for many years. Every day, there are cases of corruption in the United States and other states around the globe. It is evident that researches have been conducted to identify the most corrupt countries according to the number of cases that are dealt with within a year. Taking of bribes happens in different fields and industries. By saying that an individual has taken or given bribe, it means that the individual has given or received monies that are not accounted for the purpose of receiving a favor in return. The Federation Internationale de Football Association FIFA (football’s world governing body) is among the associations that lately have been faced with several corruption scandals which involve the executive members of the association. Over the years, the executives which includes the president, vice president, and other several members of the board


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