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Research Proposal


Research Proposal 

The Need for Knowledge Transfer in International Business: A case of Chinese Multinational Companies MNCs

 Industrial globalization presents the need for companies to expand into new territories world-wide. Research has attributed difficulties in doing so largely to problems and difficulties in the process of knowledge transfer, and has recently pinpointed the essential role of implementing knowledge from other parts of the world, and the learning required to do so. An ethos of knowledge transfer, implementation and learning are needed for international business success.

This research will investigate and analyze the international business knowledge transfer and implementation within Chinese Multinational Companies MNCs. Chinese MNCs are a new phenomenon, and being novices in the international business area, are still in the initial stages of multinationalization process from a knowledge transfer point of view. They are highly influenced by the traditional Chinese culture dimension, which shapes operations into a conservative pattern with top-down communication styles, which may limit knowledge flows at different levels.

This study will base on primary data using periodic personal interviews. Ten managers from each company, from different departments or subsidiaries, are expected to be interviewed three times each. Through reduplicate checking of the same general questions, the complete change process will be discovered and examined


a. Identify the problem of this research proposal

b. What are the objectives of this research proposal?

c. Identify and explain the data collection methods will be used in this research proposal.

d. This research is quantitative research. Explain why?                                                

1. Quantitative versus qualitative research

2. Sampling techniques used in quantitative and qualitative research.

3. Why random sampling technique is not appropriate for qualitative research.


Title: Research Proposal
Length: 2 pages (618 Words)
Style: APA


Business Studies

Question 1

1. Quantitative versus qualitative research 

Quantitative research refers to an empirical examination that emphases on verifiable data as opposed to logic or theory and often uses numbers to document its findings whereas qualitative research is a type of research that is used to draw an impression of motivation, reason, and opinions and thus provides comprehensions for developing hypotheses for quantitative research.


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