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Health Care 10 Pages

Research Paper On The Three Stage Level Of The Emergency Cases In A Hospital


Research paper on the three stage level of the Emergency Cases In a hospital


Title: Research Paper On The Three Stage Level Of The Emergency Cases In A Hospital
Length: 10 pages (2910 Words)
Style: APA


Emergency Cases

In most emergency cases, patients are often faced with a challenge of choosing between hospitals depending on their payment method as well as the type of healthcare they seek to get. The healthcare requirement, also known as triage is often used to help determine the type and level of healthcare a patient needs based on an initial analysis of the injuries sustained or the type of problem facing the patient. In most cases, the choice of an emergency center depends on the facilities and skill power present in a particular hospital for dealing with a particular emergency case. Patient acuity is very necessary for determining the level of care and attention needed by a patient based on an analysis of his or her body functions. In the UAE, the healthcare industry utilizes the Emergency Severity Index, which helps in ensuring efficient coordination of both public and private hospitals with regards to patient referrals depending on the severity of the emergency situation and the capability of the hospital to handle the particular situation.

The referral system analyzes the patient's severity of the situation whereby it analyzes the type of care needed. In so doing, the system analyzes all the hospitals in the area that can handle the situation based on the capacity and the necessary knowhow in dealing with the situation (Khatiban, et al., 2014). How patients fair on the emergency severity index determines the priority to be given to a particular patient in any hospital. Hospitals in the UAE and other countries in the world can be able to communicate with each other and determine where a specific patient may be best placed with regards to his or her injuries. The facilities available, manpower available and space for admitting a specific patient are some of the major determinants towards a patient’s selection for hospital admittance.


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