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Research Analysis


Explain which methodology (which means approach or methods you will use to conduct your study) are you using?

Why you chose this approach and why it is the most logical, given your research topic?

What are the variables in your research? Describe each of them.

What scale(s) of measurement are you using?

Select eight terms or phrases that you plan to use in your research for this course.


Title: Research Analysis
Length: 3 pages (825 Words)
Style: APA



Early childhood education is a very crucial part of the literacy growth of a child. However, literacy activities of a child should start first at home even before the child attains the school going age. It is because such activities help to build the foundation of the child’s future literacy activities (Barone & Mallette, 2013). The present discussion will analyse the methods to use when conducting research on the topic of ‘Early Literacy at Home’. It will further look at the approach to such research as well as the scales and variables to implement the study.


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