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Requirements Gathering


Still thinking of the scenario where the company avoided requirements gathering, if your organization routinely skips requirements gathering but the project turned out successfully anyhow, please share that experience. Some things to consider when reflecting on your tale:

  • Why do you think the project succeeded?
  • Was there any hidden, informal, or non-obvious requirements gathering taking place?  Feel free to use Dilbert cartoons to reinforce any real-world stories.

Title: Requirements Gathering
Length: 2 pages (400 Words)
Style: APA


Requirements Gathering

Requirements gathering is the coming together of the management team of an organization, heading or overseeing a project to determine the wants and desires of a developer or client (Newell et. al, 2006). It mostly involves steps that are laid pout and need to be followed to the letter. The company I work for is known as Senior Machinery limited. It has been in existence since 2002 and has been progressing very well in terms of customer satisfaction and is very determined in ensuring that the customer is pleased with what we offer him or her. In a nutshell, our company has avoided the idea of having requirements gathering due to the negativity it has shown in some other companies and industries. When undertaking a construction project, our Company focused on ensuring that the product that the client desired was frequently modified and there remained a clear line between technical implementations and the business at hand.


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