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Report On Large Engine Vehicles And Carbon Emissions Output


Project: Report on large engine vehicles and carbon emissions output

Describe the learning experience provided by this project.  Include challenges, ways you addressed challenges, whether this expanded your understanding of R (or not) and what you would do the same or differently to complete similar projects.  Any other relevant learning experiences are welcome here.


Title: Report On Large Engine Vehicles And Carbon Emissions Output
Length: 2 pages (550 Words)
Style: APA


Report on Learning Experience Provided by the Project

The project I was working on was to find out whether vehicles with larger engines cause greater carbon emissions. This project was interesting and challenging at the same time. However, completing the project has given me a great learning experience about cars, the environment and how to conserve the environment by preventing the amount of pollution done by vehicle’s carbon emissions. This write up addresses some of the challenges that I encountered while working on the project and the general learning experience that I had. The project expanded my understanding on vehicles and carbon emissions and how to approach similar projects.


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