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Education 4 Pages

Report Assessing The Feasibility Of Different Techniques Of Providing Fresh Water To Arid Regions


Write a report assessing the feasibility of different techniques for providing fresh water to arid regions of the world.

  • You may consider arid regions in general, or concentrate on the needs of a specific area. 
  • You should consider at least two different water provision techniques.

Important information 

  • In your report you should refer to materials from the Student Pack and at least two additional academic sources from your own research
  • You must provide in-text citations and final references for all sources you refer to in your report. You must use English language sources — you should not translate ideas from non-English sources. 
  • Your report must use sub-headings and a numbering system throughout
  • The report should be 1200 words.

You will be assessed on 

  • The relevance of your ideas to the report title.
  • The structure of your report (organisation of ideas; use of headings and numbering; linking of ideas). 
  • Your choice of relevant and appropriate source material — including specific examples and data —to support your ideas. 
  • Your incorporation of source material including paraphrase/summary, in-text citations and final references. 
  • Appropriate and accurate use of English, especially register and style; adherence to all task guidelines.

Written Work Submission Guidelines 
The first page of your assignment must state the following

  • Module code and title (eg. FC005: Introduction to Social Sciences) 
  • Type of assignment (eg. portfolio essay /final report)
  • Assignment question (eg. Critically evaluate....) 
  • Word Count 
  • Your tutor's name 
  • Your City University student number (not your name) - this is on your student card after 'Reg No: 
  • Submission date 

You must also do the following:

  • Each page must have a header with the module code, module title and your student number
  • All of the work must be word processed
  • The line spacing must be 2 (double) 
  • The font type must be Arial
  • The font size must be 12 
  • The pages must be numbered in the bottom right corner
  • You must include a final reference list using the Harvard System which is outlined in the college referencing guide. Please ask your tutor if you do not have a copy of this. Marks will be deducted if you fail to follow the written work submission guidelines. You must not copy text from a book, another student's work or internet sites and imply that it is your own work. This is plagiarism and is a serious academic offence. Make sure you save your work regularly while writing and that you save a copy of your final submission in case of any problems after submission. 

Title: Report Assessing The Feasibility Of Different Techniques Of Providing Fresh Water To Arid Regions
Length: 4 pages (1100 Words)
Style: Havard



Provision of fresh water in the arid areas has been a matter of concern for many states. In most arid and semi-arid areas, there is high demand and less supply of fresh water which can expose the people living in the areas to hazardous situation due to consumption of impure water. Many developed and developing states have managed to supply fresh water in most of the arid areas. Other states have not been able to offer full supply of fresh water in such areas. However, there are still controversies on the most convenient technique to maintain consistent supply of the fresh water. There are several techniques that can be utilized in such cases; however, there is the most convenient way depending on various factors. For instance, the geographical positioning of the arid region can affect the type of technique used for the supply. This report aims at assessing the convenience of different techniques used to provide fresh water to the arid areas.


The feasibility of different techniques can be measured by assessing the cost of achieving the technique, ease of use of the particular technique, the quantity of water that the method can deliver, and the water quality expected. In terms of cost, a technique might be the cheapest to implement but on the other hand, the quality or quantity of the water supplied might not be sufficient Anderson, DeRemer & Hall (1977). There are also water supply projects that consume a lot of funds when they are being put up, however, you might find that the cost of running the plant in much less than other techniques. Water quality also matters a lot because, there might be a good supply of water, but the quality might not be quite good which might lead people into seeking other sources to supply fresh water for domestic use Stockholm Environment Institute & United Nations Environment Programme (2009).


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