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Religious Studies: Description Of How Luke’s Portrait Of Jesus Differs From That Of Mark And Matthew


Discussion 1) Although the views regarding slaves in Ephesians 6 and Women in 1 Corinthians 14:34-35 have long been attributed to Paul, after reading (Cory 348-356; 402-406), what are the arguments against Pauline authorship? Cite details from the text.

Discussion 2) What does discipleship entail according to Mark chapters 9 and 10? Cite specific scripture passages from the chapters that describe discipleship and include appropriate references to Cory and Imperato.

Discussion 3) Compare and contrast what happens after Jesus dies on the cross in Mark and Matthew. Cite significant details that are similar or different.  Include references to Imperato and Cory


Title: Religious Studies: Description Of How Luke’s Portrait Of Jesus Differs From That Of Mark And Matthew
Length: 2 pages (550 Words)
Style: MLA


Religious Studies

From The Reading Describe How Luke’s Portrait of Jesus Differs from that of Mark and Matthew

Luke, Mark, and Mathew describe Jesus under various perspectives. Mathew describes Jesus as the King of Israel. He also talks of wise men with expensive gifts but fail to mention the shepherds. Mark on the other hand views Jesus as the perfect God’s servant who acts quickly but says little. Luke describes Jesus as the perfect man. His detailed account contains a prologue, boyhood of Jesus and his ascension to heaven. Luke traces the genealogy of Jesus back to Adam who was the first perfect man. According to Luke, Jesus’ family was poor and that why his mother brought a pair of turtledoves instead of a lamb during circumcision of Jesus(Cory, 400).


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