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Religion, The Sacred, And Rituals


Submit a 7 page essay on your chosen topic: Religion, the sacred, and rituals.

Your paper should have a minimum of three academic, peer-reviewed resources. It should also incorporate the interview you conducted. Simulated an individual you will be interviewing, what questions you intend to ask, and at least one bibliography on your selected topic “Religion, the sacred, and rituals”.


Title: Religion, The Sacred, And Rituals
Length: 7 pages (2055 Words)
Style: APA


Religion, the Sacred, and Rituals

Religion as is depicted by (Cunningham & Kelsay, 2013), refers to a culture system of ideologies, ethics, behaviors or practices which associate humanity with an order of existence. With this, individuals of a specific religion believe in and worship a supernatural being such as God or gods. It is often described as a system of worship and belief as it largely involves the two practices. There is, however, no clear definition of the term religion as various scholars in the past have developed their own descriptions of religion all which are based on one’s perspective with regards to religion. The divine or supernatural being that a person chooses to believe in and worship differs depending on the background of an individual and as a result, the existence of the various religions in the world. Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism and Folk religion are the major religions that people from across the world associate themselves with. When a person chooses to believe in a certain religion, they abide by the laws, practices, cultures and even rituals of that specific religion and is what defines a person's religion.

There is a very close relationship between religion and politics and have for a long time gone hand in hand in furthering political mileage in the US and all across the globe. For instance, trying to differentiate religion from politics, one would find it very hard to explain how an idea may be described as being political or religious. According to (Groys, 2014)how religion is differentiated from politics and other sets of ideologies is through the purpose or the intent of the idea. For instance, a political rally which starts with prayers and praises may not be described as being a religious rally. Its intentions are purely political, but the religious aspect comes in as a part of the politics where the individuals involved believe in a form of religion. Forging a low abiding community requires the invocation of divine powers, and this has been termed to be the glue binding people together as far as politics is concerned. According to (Cunningham & Kelsay, 2013), religion has always been associated with morality whereby a more religious person is considered to be morally upright.


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