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Philosophy 3 Pages

Reflective Essay: Role Of Philosophy In My Life


A 2-page reflection essay (between 800-900 words), typed in 1.5-space, font times new roman 12, margins of 1”, and must contain a heading as shown in the sample provided by the instructor. Essay should be based on the student’s thoughts (DO NOT GOOGLE FOR THIS ESSAY) about the importance of philosophy in his/her life and must address the questions:

  1. What is philosophy?
  2. Can philosophy help you live a better life? Why or why not?
  3. What kind of philosophical parameters/theories do you use to determine your actions, your thoughts, in summary, the kind of life you live?
  4. You live the kind of life you live because you think it is the best life possible, right? Do you think that if other people lived your kind of life, the world would be a better place? Why or why not? 


Title: Reflective Essay: Role Of Philosophy In My Life
Length: 3 pages (836 Words)
Style: MLA


Role of Philosophy in My Life

Philosophy means love of wisdom. It is what people resort to when they want to know more about themselves, the world, and mostly their relationship with the world. One can also say that philosophy is a unique way of thinking that is never common among many individuals. The deep comprehensive and critical thought on philosophy makes it unique. Human beings have tried to devise the thinking, but they  failed. Nonetheless, Philosophy has played a vital role in my life. Besides, it takes an important part in the growth and realization of the human potential.

Philosophy is part of human growth and development. The aforementioned subject works as an activity which answers all the society’s questions on demand for wisdom. It brings everything together from what we know and what we value. In fact, the primary function of philosophy in our lives is to give us a new way of life. It makes individuals always do and think on things that are meant to improve their lives or their neighbor’s lives. The rules and guidelines that come along with philosophy have significantly allowed me always to think straight whenever am doing something. With the philosophical knowledge I have, I have been able to overcome many of the challenges in life.


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