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Reflective Essay


Reflective Essay


Title: Reflective Essay
Length: 9 pages (2450 Words)
Style: APA



There are several ways to how a person would improve on their learning skills in their life. One of the most effective way to achieve a continuous improvement is through reflective analysis. Only by reflecting on the mistakes of the past may effectively improve the planning and carry on with next step of the job, or the upcoming tasks. Reflective practice is considered very convenient as it can be done at any time and at anywhere. It helps the person to understand the skills that the person possesses and make better use of it. Also, it helps improve and/or polish the skills that a person may have already acquired.


This reflective analysis essay will highlight the communication glitches that were encountered during a group work delegated by a senior lecturer to a group of four including myself. By using the Gibbs model of reflection shown in the figure 1 below, this paper will also include the reason of the failure to communicate, how it is solved, what happened next as well as a plan to look over/refer to when a similar situation/problem arises.


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