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Reflective Assignment


Assignment Instructions

This reflective assignment is designed to affirm skill development in leadership, and has two parts. 

Part One: 

Describe with some detail an experience where you "enabled appropriate action" in a colleague or follower.

How did you enable that person (or persons) to act, and what specific behavior(s) and/or actions contributed to your ability to do so? 

How do you know that your leadership resulted in the enablement of someone to act? 

Part Two: 

Describe an experience when you were enabled to act as a result of the leadership of another leader. 

How did they enable you to act, and what specific behavior(s) and/or actions contributed to their ability to do so? 

Why were they effective in enabling you to act? 

Finally, create a summary message to describe the significance of "Enable Others to Act" as it relates to your view of leadership. (No citations/references required).


Title: Reflective Assignment
Length: 1 pages (445 Words)
Style: APA


Reflective Assignment

Part One

 In one occasion during the weight training program, I noticed that my colleague had a hard time catching up with the number of reps that I managed to do in each set. The margin between his number of reps and mine averaged between two and three. In our next work out, a couple of days later, I had come up with a plan to address this. For every set that my colleague finished the reps, I would owe him two dollars. With a total of over twenty sets, I had figured that this would cost me a maximum of $50 dollars, but it would be effective eventually. Through my persuasive character and the cheering from a few people who had their attention grabbed, my colleague was able to finish most of his reps in each set.


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