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English 101 4 Pages

Reflection Essay: Self Evaluation


Writing Process Log

-Brainstorming: What kinds of brainstorming strategies did you use for your final research project (e.g. freewriting, looping, clustering, mapping, conversations with classmates, writing center tutors, etc.)?

-Re-Vision: What kinds of re-vision strategies did you use to revise the earlier versions of your paper (e.g. reading aloud, visits to the writing center, peer reviews, etc.)?

-Reading: How did you incorporate the secondary sources into your writing? Explain the specific reading strategies you used (e.g. annotating, skimming, scanning, reflective reading, etc.)

-Challenge & Help: What was the biggest challenge for you in writing up this final paper? What was most helpful for you in writing up the paper (e.g. class workshops, peer reviews, library sessions, writing center tutors, your friends, etc.)?

-Peer review: You’ve had several peer review sessions for this final paper. Who was the most helpful peer review partner and why? Please include the peer review session worksheets from the partner to articulate your response.


Explain the specific changes you’ve made in the final version of your paper (after you’ve received the comments from me, your peer review partners, writing center tutors, friends, research participants, etc.). Then, give a score on each category of the evaluation criteria. Use the evaluation criteria that our class created to articulate your self-evaluation for this essay. 

Reflective Essay 

In your reflective essay, I would like you to address the following four questions. Before you start to write your reflective essay, I strongly recommend that you revisit all the class materials that have been uploaded on our course website.  Please articulate your thoughts as clearly as possible. Your reflective essay should be at least 3 pages and cite at least two class readings.

What do you think you learned most in this class? You should include both the curricular and extracurricular activities in which you’ve been engaged to fulfill the course requirements (you may want to review the learning goals of our class on the syllabus and the objectives of each assignment).  

Which aspects of academic literacy do you think you have made the most improvement this semester? Please refer to the handout “Essential Elements of Academic Writing” to answer this question.

Which aspects of academic literacy do you think you still have most difficulty with?  Please refer to the handout “Essential Elements of Academic Writing” to answer this question.

How would you define the concept of “rhetoric?” You should choose two class readings to articulate your definition of “rhetoric.”


Title: Reflection Essay: Self Evaluation
Length: 4 pages (1174 Words)
Style: MLA



  1. Writing Process Log

The brainstorming strategies that I used in the paper include free writing and discussion with classmates. This gave me an opportunity to understand the mistakes conducted in previous papers to avoid repeating them. re-vision was done by reading aloud and getting peer reviews from my friends and classmates. This gave me an opportunity to learn from others as well as learn from my previous mistakes to enhance and sharpen my writing skills. 

            Reading was done through annotation and skimming. This was important as it gave me an opportunity to directly interact with the studies previously conducted on the same subject. It also improved my understanding and ability to use the library. In the peer-review process, one of my classmates was the most helpful peer-review partner. We conducted the process by exchanging our works and trying to look for mistakes in each other’s work and giving credit for improvement. We also did peer review with my friend my visiting the writing center and evaluating our mistakes.

2. Reflection

What do you think you learned most in this class?

             The course taught me aspects of critical thinking in composing an academic essay. Criticality of thinking and presentation of arguments is an important lesson that helped me avoid biasness in my papers by ensuring that anyone, regardless of their position in the issue under discussion, is comfortable reading the paper.


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