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Reflection Essay On The Grievance Arbitration Process


The purpose of this assignment is to give you the opportunity to reflect on the grievance arbitration process, after having participated in the arbitration simulation.

Your assignment is to revise one page and write four pages essay with zero plagiarism addressing the following questions:

How would you characterize your experience of the simulation (e.g. enjoyable, intimidating)? Why do you feel this way about it?

The textbook describes several criticisms of the “traditional” grievance arbitration process. Based on your experience in the simulation, do you agree with these criticisms? Why or why not? (ebook Page 10 - 11)

Based on your experience, do you feel the arbitration process is an effective way of resolving workplace disputes? Why or why not? Do you feel that any of the alternative dispute resolution systems described in the textbook would be more appropriate for resolving these types of disputes, or are there other forms of dispute resolution that you think would be appropriate in these situations? (ebook Page    11- 14) 

Your essay must be typed and double-spaced, and must use 12-point font.


Title: Reflection Essay On The Grievance Arbitration Process
Length: 4 pages (1710 Words)
Style: APA


How would you characterize your experience of the simulation (e.g. enjoyable, intimidating)? Why do you feel this way about it?

            The arbitration hearing that I have been involved in took place in November 20th, 2015 from 8:30 a.m. I played Bobby Boss, one of the company’s witnesses in the simulation who’s also the grievous’ Wally Worker, a foremen at the workplace. My experience throughout the simulation was both enjoyable and intimidating. As such, being involved in an arbitration hearing for the first time was perceived as an enjoyable experience (McQuarrie, 2015). The arbitration consisted of an informal arbitration panel, a union side, and an employer side. The arbitration panel made sure that both sides agreed on the panel’s jurisdiction. Being part of the management team, the documents and evidences provided to us seemed to be significantly reasonable and evident of the matter, which made us feel comfortable throughout the arbitration hearing for the most part (McQuarrie, 2015). We believed that having such valuable evidence; such as Wally Worker’s resignation form and the timeliness of the ideas, the union’s power to influence the arbitration panel is limited. However, we were not aware that the union side would have unexpected information that contrasted with ours; in fact, not having enough information about the union side made the arbitration hearing insufficiently intimidating. 

            When the union side commenced testifying and bringing in their allegations, the hearing started getting intense. During the arbitration hearing, the union panel made sure to put plausible efforts to ensure that Wally Worker was provided with fair rules. As the union came together with their information, their influrence increased (McQuarrie, 2015). 


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