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Education 2 Pages

Reflection #4


Answer both of these questions(1 page per question) Don't write question on page on the page, just your response to questions.

Question 1)The role of specialists in schools is critical to meeting students’ needs and improving student learning.  A principal’s support of these specialists’ influences the level of collegial support between classroom teachers and building specialists (i.e. special education, ELL, gifted, Social Work, etc.) that results in improved student learning.  In what ways does your principal work to establish a culture of acceptance and collegiality between these specialists and classroom teachers?  What supports are in place?  What challenges does the principal face to keep staff fully integrated?  Is there anything that you would do differently as the building principal?

Question 2) There are documented positive relationships between high parental involvement and high student achievement.  Successful leaders make parents partners and create a structure for parents and educators to work together.  Reflect on the ways your school seeks to make parents partners in their child’s education.  What are some suggestions for increasing the level or quality of parental involvement?


Title: Reflection #4
Length: 2 pages (550 Words)
Style: APA


Reflection #4

Question 1

The principal of the school I am currently working at fosters a culture of acceptance and collegiality between building specialists and classroom teachers by encouraging clear identification and definition of the goals of the collaboration. The parties involved in the collegiality outline the aims of the team and the process of achieving them. The shared focus ensures that the participants have the same line of thoughts and beliefs (Freedman, 2009). The principal further promotes creation of common goals and objectives between the classroom teachers and the specialists, resulting in a sense of commitment. 

In effect, the parties share a common purpose and feel that they are on the project together (Harris & Anthony, 2001). The other strategy implemented by the school is that the parties voluntarily enter into the collaboration without being coerced or given incentives (Freedman, 2009). Accordingly, this ensures that only those who truly believe in the project’s mission and vision are selected to participate. Other strategies include parity, shared responsibility, shared accountability, and shared resources.


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