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Reader Response


Present an analysis of a text using a Phenomenological approach. Use the Reader-Response text as support or to help frame your analysis. Show how RR/ P is present in the poem of your choice.

3.  The Wanderer / Page 118-119 The Norton Anthology English literature


Title: Reader Response
Length: 2 pages (550 Words)
Style: MLA


Reader Response

The poem “The Wanderer” is one of the famous compositions with many interpretations. It is difficult interpreting the poem because of the narration shifts between individual experiences and general advice. The heroic traditions evident in the poem depend on God and Fate. However, there are times when people could make a decision to resist fate because of the need to associate with fame in the society. The society shown that the poem exhibits considered prominence greater than fate because of the numerous advantages associated with it. A person who decided to resist fate requires having some courage because of the physical hardships that one has to encounter in the real world. In “The Wanderer,” the persona had rather die in the process of wanting to achieve fame as opposed to sitting and wait for fate since to him reputation does not perish. Even if it takes long for a person to achieve fame, one will eventually make it in the end.


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