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Reaction: "Early Modern Thinking Is Found In The Protestant Reformation"


Write about your reaction to the statement that early modern thinking is found in the Protestant Reformation.


Title: Reaction: "Early Modern Thinking Is Found In The Protestant Reformation"
Length: 2 pages (550 Words)
Style: MLA


Reaction to the statement “Early Modern Thinking is found in the Protestant Reformation”

Only a historically grounded diagnosis of Protestant Reformation can show that early modern thinking existed during this period. Keen attention to historiography and European history allows us to speculate on whether early modern thinking was significant during the reformation. Important arguments of early modern thought hold that philosophers of this period contrasted their language and knowledge with others who adopted a skeptical position before settling on positions with greater importance. Thus, early modern thought existing during the Protestant Reformation remains scarcely examined. Extend this analysis considering the formation of modern thinking using various features that existed in Protestant Reformation best gives this statement credence.


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