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Write 5 pages about Ramada,  the holy month for muslims

The paper should contains a table of content, subject, definition and some valuable information of ramadan.


Title: Ramadan
Length: 5 pages (1375 Words)
Style: APA


Ramadhan is observed during the ninth month of the Islamic or lunar calendar. Within the month, Muslim Faithfuls fast from morning until sunset when they say the Maghreb Prayer which means the evening prayer. The word Ramadhan is driven from the word al- Ramd meaning the Sun’s burning heat. The month was given that name because the Muslims experienced thirst during fasting. The Muslims believe that fasting and praying during the Holy Month of Ramadhan burns since. The month could have between 29-30 days. It commences when a new crescent moon is sighted in the western horizon after the sunset. If the new is seen, Ramadhan starts with the sunset though fasting begins the next dawn. If the new moon is not seen, Muslims complete the 30 days of the 8th month and Ramadhan commences the following day (Aisha, 2015).


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