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Racism In The Contemporary Societies


Rattansi writes, “Few people today, outside the ranks of hardcore members of neo-Nazi and other ultra-right-wing groups, admit to being racist.”1 Moreover, as discussed in class, the general consensus in the academic community is that “race” is not a reality but a socially constructed concept. Thus, “if races do not really exist and have never existed, and few people now admit to being racist,” . . . how is it possible for so many people to claim that racism remains widespread in contemporary societies?2 Evaluate the validity of Rattansi’s claim.

If you agree with his analysis, discuss two specific arguments used by Rattansi in support of this claim and elaborate as to why the arguments are valid. If you disagree with his analysis, choose two specific arguments used by Rattansi and critique the flaws and evidentiary weaknesses in the arguments. (Use information provided in chapters 6-8, Racism: A Very Short History and any of the other readings provided in the syllabus on the issue of racial inequality.)


Title: Racism In The Contemporary Societies
Length: 3 pages (825 Words)
Style: APA


Racism in the Contemporary Societies

 Racism has been a very critical issue especially in the United Kingdom and the United States. It is often associated with ‘black’ and ‘white’ although it runs deeper than that. One person who is currently experiencing ‘racism’ is the renowned English actor Idris Elba. There have been speculations that Elba could feature in the next James Bond movie. The James Bond series showcase the life of a fictional British Secret Service agent. The series was started by Ian Fleming in 1953. Several stars have featured in the series since the time it was started. However, the issue of racism came up only when Idris Elba was to feature in the series. Roger Moore, an actor who has played Bond himself, claims Idris Elba is not ‘English enough’ to act as Bond. Why would Elba be not English enough yet he was born and raised in England, went to English schools, and is registered as an English citizen? The only thing standing between Idris Elba and James Bond is his skin color. Idris Elba is black.


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