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Race, Cinema, And Ethnographic Spectacle


Please choose one of the following articles and write a reading analysis:



•Tobing Rony

This is an exercise in active and critical reading.  You are not reading the article just for facts and information, but also to understand the larger significance of the essay and how the author puts together his or her argument and evidence (make sure that you use the correct pronoun for your author!).  Your essay is an analysis of the essay in terms of what is it about and how it is put together; it is your intellectual dissection of it.

Warning: reading academic essays can be difficult and time-consuming. You should expect to read the essay several times.  Again: do not think about the essay in terms of its obvious subject, but rather, how and why the author talks about this subject


While reading, consider the following questions:

--what is the subject of the article?  What does the author wish to prove?  

--how is the essay organized?  How is the argument structured?

--what is the author’s evidence (suggestion: look at the *footnotes and how they are used)?

--what are the author’s assumptions: can you discern any biases or sense of what the author finds valuable?

--what are the author’s conclusions?

--What was the author’s goal and does he or she succeed?  How does this essay add to our understanding and knowledge of the subject?

(Please answer the above Questions)


Your paper should provide some summary of the essay, but overall it should be a critical reflection on what the essay achieves.  

Technically, your paper should be organized and clearly written, with its own thesis, introduction and conclusion.  

--please provide a title, double-space, use 12-point font, and one-inch margins

--check your grammar and spelling

--n.b. minimize quoting and even paraphrasing (your paper should NOT have substantial quotes from the article) – summarize the essay’s content, discuss what it achieves, how it achieves it and whether or not it does it well.-*Be careful with this*

Please do not use any outside article in this essay


Title: Race, Cinema, And Ethnographic Spectacle
Length: 4 pages (1100 Words)
Style: MLA


Race, Cinema, and Ethnographic Spectacle

In the film,The Third Eye, the director, Fatimah Tobing Rony,addresses the relationship between technology and ideology as well as culture and social science. By representing these features, the director explores the early 20th century lives of the non-Western indigenous races through films using documentary and scientific productions. By turning the gaze of the ethnographic camera back onto itself, the director brings the perspective of the third eye to represent the invention of the primitive by revealing the collaboration of anthropology and popular culture and their importance in constructing race, gender, empire, and a nation. Notably, her work illustrates the significance of these constructions and, generally, ethnographic cinema in understanding identity issues.


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