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RA sample grading
Literature 2 Pages

Ra Sample Grading


Using the Rhetorical Analysis Essay Rubric as your guide review the two RA sample essays.

Give each essay a single overall grade, then, using the language of the rubric to inform your commentary, provide a justification for your grade. You should write between 250-300 words on each essay for a total of 500-600 words for this assignment.


Title: Ra Sample Grading
Length: 2 pages (550 Words)
Style: MLA


Destructive Power of Imagination in Mrs. Dalloway: Most Effective

In the article Destructive Power of Imagination, the writer illustrates an expert knowledge on the topic of imagination throughout the article. Use of viable examples allows the reader to grasp the concept of imagination as described in the novel Mrs. Dalloway. Though the writer uses complex words, nonetheless his choice of words allows the readers to create images and pictures of beautiful people and jealous situations. The thesis statement clearly addresses the theme of imagination as described by Virginia Woolf. The use of credible sources and illustrations is perfect as it allows the readers to grasp a wide range of knowledge pertaining imagination. The sources are also credible because they dwell on imagination. Additionally, in text citation of the sources is arranged in a systematic manner to enhance flow of ideas on imagination.


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