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quality management
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Quality Management



Q.1. We have studied that quality either in the product or service field has so many dimensions. Discuss why there is a need for all of these dimensions. Do we contradict ourselves by having several dimensions of quality?

Q.2 one of the diming points for continual improvement is to "End the practice of awarding business on the basis of price tag alone", explain this point in more details and do you agree or disagree with?

Q.3. Discuss briefly the difference between control and breakthrough quality related activates according to Juran?

Q.4. looking at the different viewpoint from different contributors we see that we have different plans towards quality. Which plan should be adopted, do we need a contingency plan. Explain?


Title: Quality Management
Length: 2 pages (550 Words)
Style: APA


1. Dimensions of quality 

Quality has various dimensions. The dimensions are to an extent independent and hence a product or service may be outstanding in one dimension but poor or average in another. These dimensions may be applied at the strategic level in analyzing quality characteristics. Most of these dimensions are strengthening the product or service. In comprehending the trade-offs needed by consumers among the dimensions may assist to establish a competitive edge. The following are eight quality dimensions for product: performance, features, reliability, durability, serviceability, conformance, perceived quality and aesthetics (Walker & National Press Publications, 2015). All these help a customer to assess the quality of the desired product in the market.


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