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Quality Assurance In Clinical Laboratories


Your hospital lab is due for a CAP/TJC inspection within the next 5 months as part of the lab recertification process, and you have been put in charge of assessing the current overall clinical laboratory quality control and quality assurance for this upcoming inspection.

The General Checklist for the CAP on Quality Management lists the following:

The laboratory must have a documented quality management program to systematically ensure the quality of laboratory services. In laboratories that are part of a larger institution (e.g. a hospital), the laboratory quality management program must be integrated with the institutional program.

A specific example of a new CAP checklist item is:

COM.04050 Unusual Laboratory Results Phase II: There is a documented system in operation to detect and correct significant clerical an analytical errors, and unusual laboratory results, in a timely manner.

Explain the type of documentation (procedure/monitor) you would review within your lab quality assurance area to ensure all of your laboratory departments meet this integrated quality management criteria, and how you would insure it is integrated with your health care system for patient safety. A descriptive approach would be to “follow the process trail” if your laboratory detects an error after it has been released to the patient’s charge or physician, and describe and show the documentation you would have for this incident.


Title: Quality Assurance In Clinical Laboratories
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Quality Assurance in Clinical Laboratories

The quality assurance inspection will majorly focus on the prevailing quality goal for all clinical laboratories. This will be done by determining whether or not the goal has been clinched. Failure to clinch the goals will lead to consequences, which the laboratory will have to be liable on. It is therefore necessary to conduct an evaluation beforehand. The evaluation will assess on the degree of quality adherence that the laboratory has been observing and the existence loopholes. If any loopholes are found, it is vital to come up with a possible repair mode.


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