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Geography 4 Pages

Qa From The Book "The Regional Geography Of Canada"


Select any two questions. 


1. Bones describes the dichotomy of southern and northern Ontario – one being a nationally significant industrial core, and the other a resource hinterland. Compare and contrast these two regions of Ontario with respect to their physiography, population and settlement, their resources, and their important economic activities. 

2. Bone describes Quebec as occupying unique places in Canada by virtue of its geography, language and history. Explain why this is a unique region based upon these three factors. 

3. Explain the role of the Loyalists in the settlement and early development ofAtlantic Canada and southern Ontario. Your answer will need to explain who the Loyalists were. 

Chapter coverage, CH – 5, 6, 9 from “The Regional Geography of Canada”, 6e By Robert M. Bones


Title: Qa From The Book "The Regional Geography Of Canada"
Length: 4 pages (1145 Words)
Style: APA


Question 2

Quebec emerges the greatest province in Canada. It is situated in the east of Canada. Name Quebec implies where the stream contracts. The city is named considering the zone around Quebec City is the place where Saint Lawrence River contracts. French is the most spoken language in the city. English-speaking communities are mainly found in the west of the island of Montreal. Quebec is the second city with the highest population after Ontario. Regardless of many natural resources that boost the economy, knowledge industries such as pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and Aeroscope plays a key in the industry. Quebec is the second most economically powerful city due to massive contributions by the knowledge industry in the economy. The main activities practiced in the city are mining, hydroelectric power, and forestry. 

Geographically, Quebec is in North American continent in the northeastern. It is made up of seventeen regions that take the largest part with 1,667,441 kilometers. More than 10,000 kilometers constitutes rivers, terrestrial, and marine border. Quebec experiences four distinct seasons including mild spring, hot summer, chilly fall, and cold winter. Quebec location enables it to experience different climates which contribute to economic advantage. The results of distinctive zones from calm in the south to cold in the north have allowed the ideal lodging foundation to most different verdure and creature.


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