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Purpose Of Research Design



1. Identify the purpose of research design  

2. Define control as it affects research design and the outcomes

3. Identify the links between study design and evidence-based practice

4. Evaluate research design using critiquing questions

Critique of Quantitative Research Article (APA, use research articles to support your work, and provide examples)


Title: Purpose Of Research Design
Length: 4 pages (1100 Words)
Style: APA


Purpose of Research Design

The researchers’ choice of a pragmatic approach is important for the study as it involves the application of both quantitative and qualitative approaches. The quantitative research approach is effective in highlighting the positivist and post-positivist paradigm. The research involves the collection of data and conversion of the collected data into numerical forms for statistical calculation and identification,as well asdiscussion of the conclusions. The quantitative research method is always a top-down approach that moves from the general view of the case to the specifics(Schneider, Carnoy, Kilpatrick, Schmidt, & Shavelson, 2007). 

The report is based ona specific study population; the methods in the study include measuringoxytocin and melatonin levels in the blood samples of the study subjects.The study assumes the effects of other variables that could be present in the collected samples. The assumption of the variables is evident because the study fails to identify and outline any assumptions made during the study period(Abdulamir, Abdul-Rasheed,&Abdulghani, 2016). In addition to the quantitative approaches, the study also applies qualitative approaches. For example, the study involves observation of the patients, documentation of the reports, and interviewing of the study sample. According to the report, the research meets the ethical threshold of Helsinki agreement.


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