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Puritanism Influence On American Literature


In a minimum 1,000-word essay, how would you define the American Narrative up to this point, halftime, if you will? And, how do you think it plays a role in our culture (high and low, pop or otherwise) and literature now?


Title: Puritanism Influence On American Literature
Length: 4 pages (1100 Words)
Style: MLA


Puritanism Influence on American Literature

            The ideologies concerning the influence of the Puritans on American Literature have been in existence for nearly four decades. They try to explain the history of the American nation right from the Puritanism to other significant periods over time. In the description of the American story, different conflicts with competing sets of values have been in existence. The interactions of those conflicts within the Puritanism period talk about the American narrative demystifying the evolution of literature during the period. The American narrative account emerges from point in time when the Puritans in the new world engaged in the production literary works. The Puritans made significant contributions to the American literature through the introduction of the American mythology, development of universalistic ventures, and creation of a visionary America.


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