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Public Organization Theory


ASSIGNMENT - Public Organization Theory


The ability to recognize differing viewpoints and to understand how someone new to an organization is a part of diversity and cultural sensitivity that managers need. Choose a public service organization –government or non-profit that you work for or that you are a member of ; Answer the following questions about that organization:

1. First Impression On first joining, the organization what struck you as being novel, strange or different about the way things happened here? Compare them to what you expected or what you had become used to elsewhere.

2. Consider what’s absolutely typical of the organization If you want to explain the essence of how things are done in your organization, capturing both the good and the bad, can you think of a recent event to sum things up? What would it illustrate to an outsider who wants to learn about your organization?

3. Stories Think about some stories circulating in your organization and describe one that considers the following: What behaviors or character traits lead people to be considered heroes, villains or fools?

4. Next Steps or what to change. Think about one thing that you could change about your organization so it was easier for people of different backgrounds and experiences to interact or understand the organization. Describe the change you recommend and how to implement it.

The public service organization that I work for is (Civil Service Pension Funds) its a government agency and its in Foreign country not in the US. There is an uploaded draft file that includes information and answers to the questions. The answers are from my experience in the organization but there is a need to rephrase them in short essay. 

Also, there is a need to correct some of them and add more to the answers from a public administration view in general and from organization theory view. The writer can use the course book which is: Tompkins, J. (2005). Organization theory and public management. Belmont, CA: Wadsworth Publishing. The ISBN of the book is: 978-0534174682


Title: Public Organization Theory
Length: 3 pages (825 Words)
Style: APA


When I first joined the organization, I noticed its complex structure. A complex organization by definition is an organization that is so large and diverse in structure that it cannot be managed by an individual (Tompkins, 2005). The phenomenon was different to what I was used to because, before I moved to the organization in the public sector, I worked in a company that was owned by distinct business owners. Strange things that I found in the organization included the following:

  • There were many sick vacation days and also government financed vacation days that employees took even unnecessarily. Where I was from, there were only a limited number of leaves and few financed vacations per worker, and some employees at a lower level did not qualify for the funded vacation privilege.

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