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Public Image In Relation To A Hero’s Legacy


Show how easily public image can tarnish an established hero’s image. You can see how public image can be created and destroyed.

Example: Look at what happened with Bill Cosby

What reasons or evidence supports the information?


Title: Public Image In Relation To A Hero’s Legacy
Length: 3 pages (825 Words)
Style: MLA


Public Image in Relation to a Hero’s Legacy

It takes a lot to be a hero in any one aspect—soldiers become heroes through grueling battles, saints through dedication to God and charity work, and politicians through standing up to and overcoming oppressive regimes. However, a hero’s image can be tarnished by even the minutest shortcomings as long as they come to the limelight and attract negative reactions from the general public. A hero only qualifies the esteemed title when he/she acts in accordance with what he/she stands for. Any deviation from his/her principals and the society’s expectations of him/her attracts wide-spread criticism, and in some cases, the wrongdoings may be so grave that his/her public image and past achievements are tarnished beyond redemption.


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