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Public Health


Statement of purpose:Regarding admission in the master’s program for Public Health at George Washington University.

1. How Did You Become Interested in Public Health? 

      - The admissions committee wants to know YOUR story. Tell us why you’re passionate about public health and about your past accomplishments in this or related fields. Avoid generalized statements and clichés and tell us what is driving you personally to this program and this challenging profession.

2. What Contributions Do You Plan to Make In the Field? 

    - Your plans will evolve throughout your career, so we don’t expect you to describe exactly what you’ll do after grad school. Instead, show us that you have a strong sense of direction in the field, with realistic goals that reflect your educational and professional background. Whether you want to reduce child mortality in developing countries or transform public health policies or education in the U.S., you are planning to make a difference in the health of local, national, or global communities — and we want to know all about your plans.

3. How Will the [email protected] Program Help You to Achieve Your Goals? 

    - Use this question as an opportunity to connect the past and the future you’ve described in the previous two questions while focusing on features of the [email protected] program. You’ve taken the time to select a prestigious MPH program. Now tell us what it is about [email protected] that will help you become a leader in the field of public health.

Remember, the Statement of Purpose is your opportunity to distinguish yourself from other qualified applicants.


Title: Public Health
Length: 1 pages (275 Words)
Style: APA



Interest in Public Health started at the age of 12 when I got a leg injury and was in and out of the dispensary. An operation was done to correct the damage, and I had to be admitted during recovery. I would silently watch medics both nurses and doctors attend to other patients and me; their empathy and humanity would not go unnoticed. The friendliness, warmth and treatment inspired me to be passionate about public health. I have worked as an intern in the emergency room; as a volunteer member of the Non Governmental. The experience has been tremendous and I have gained passion, and I believe in upgrading my competence in the field.


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