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Public Budgeting & Finance


General Notes:  Draw upon as much of your course material as possible in presenting your answers. I will evaluate the quality of your argument, analysis, organization, presentation, and writing in grading these examinations. You are strongly urged to use examples and provide details when answering questions. Examples/ details may come from course materials, class discussion, other documented sources, and your own experience. Be extremely thorough and express your supportive/critical opinion along with the facts when requested.

You may use any resources to respond to these essay questions, other than your classmates.  If you use any resources other than your own head, be sure to provide a citation as well as a reference list at the end of the paper. I do not care what reference style you use, but be consistent.  Your work must be typed and double-spaced.  Please number your pages and put the number of the question by your response.  


Title: Public Budgeting & Finance
Length: 9 pages (2702 Words)
Style: MLA


Public Budgeting and Finance

Micro Essays

Question One

  1. Politics and Public Budgeting 

Politics refers to the activities involving the governance of a nation state or other areas of national interest involving power. It may also refer to the activities of governments pertaining to relations between nations, as well as the academic study of the state and government. In most cases, politics influence the way a country is governed and sharing of resources and power. It also influences the political setup that directly impacts on the national budgeting process (Good 4). Those who represent the people in government are majority politicians and are responsible for making laws, which also include the budgetary laws and processes and international economic relations between nation states.

             Politics play a significant role in the national budgeting and finance. For instance, it is the politicians that have been democratically elected to represent the people that pass laws dealing with budgetary processes. The same politicians are directly involved in endorsing or opposing appointments of the various representatives and directors in the Department of Finance. Politics also influence the national finance and budgetary process by having politicians represent their grievances to the government leading to allocation of funds in different amounts to different departments (Good 12)


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