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Psychology 1 Page

Psychopaths And Serial Killers


Psych 3480: Psychopaths and Serial Killers

Fall 2015

Course Objectives and Descriptions:

This course provides students with a perspective on some of the issues related to defining psychopathy and some misperceptions that those who are psychopaths are crazed or sadistic serial killers. While most serial killers are psychopaths, most psychopaths are not homicidal.

We will also review some of the diagnostic criteria for psychopathic personality and discuss distinctions between this and other psychiatric disorders. Using case histories, we will examine different expressions of the psychopathic personality. Generally, the focus of this course will more on psychopathy than on serial killers because there is more of a substantial body of research on psychopathy, but very little when it comes to serial killers.

The name of the book is: serial murderers and their victims 7th edition



3.Group Presentation:This presentation will focus on a serial murderer of your group’s choosing. On the first day of class, we will create groups of 3-4 and will likely start choosing who you would like to present on. This presentation should be 25-30 minutes long. It should be formatted as follows:

  • Title Slide
  • Introduction: This section should focus on the facts of the criminal case. Describe the subject and nature of his or her crimes, including any identifiable pattern in their offenses. Discuss what ultimately led to his or her arrest.
  • Historical background: Discuss the offender’s life history, including childhood and family experiences, and any other events that led up to the actual crime. Identify any hereditary/biological factors and environmental/social factors that may have contributed to their homicidal actions.
  • Diagnosis: Do you think, based on what we have talked about, the individual is a psychopath? Does this individual meet the criteria for Antisocial Personality Disorder? Does this individual meet criteria for any other disorder (schizophrenia, major depression, etc.)? Please discuss/address all of these questions.
  • Conclusion: Summarize what you have learned about the characteristics of this individual and the reasons and causes underlying the offenses he or she committed.
  • References: Please have a reference slide in APA format

Also, for this group presentation, I will ask that you turn in evaluations of your group members. This is due on the day of your presentation.This will entail discussing what each group member did and how well they worked with the entire group. This can be very informal. I just want to know if there’s someone in the group that didn’t do that part, and if I see that all group members agree on that, then this person’s grade will be negatively affected. As for when each group will present, this would be on a volunteer basis. However, your group should be ready to go on the first day of presentations. If you are called on and not ready, 10 points will be deducted from your grade.


Our presentation about :H.H. Holmes (Herman Mudgett) Trial (1896)

And I want you to write one page about my part in the presentation. My part is D and also I want youto write short conclusion about my part and please use the basic academy words because I am international student and my second language is English so I need easy words to read it in my presentation


Title: Psychopaths And Serial Killers
Length: 1 pages (275 Words)
Style: MLA



Do you think, based on what we have talked about, the individual is a psychopath?
Herman Webster Mudgett popularly known as H. H. Holmes, is a unique character. Accordingly his diagnosis is not easy as he was not diagnosed as a psychopath yet he is the first American serial killer. Notably, a psychopath is an individual that shows antisocial behavior, remorse and bold behavior (Blair 1995). As evident form his behavior, H. H. Holmes was not antisocial, on the contrary, he was social and in fact a brilliant swindler. This shows that Holmes had not shown signs of being a psychopath.


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