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Psychology 5 Pages

Psychology Disorders


Essay on psychological disorders: Anxiety Disorders, Disruptive, Impulse-Control, and Conduct Disorders, Dissociative Disorders and Feeding and Eating Disorders.


Title: Psychology Disorders
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Psychology Disorders

Psychology is a subject that refers to the study of man's mind and behavior.  Another term used to explain psychology is research on self-knowledge or self-conceptualization. Self-knowledge is a concept that tries to draw information about oneself. It enables one to understand one's self and one's properties.  Self-knowledge allows us to know  mental representations that are attributed to our unique selves. It can be applied as a science to understand better the individual's characteristics and reactions towards events.  Human beings are known to be comparative of themselves to the social nature of the world with an aim of understanding the information they seek about themselves. Individuals draw inferences about what they are like after a comparison of attributes with others.

Psychologists typically classify this subject into three concepts: social, behavioral and cognitive studies in an attempt to explore the role of the mind towards social behavior.  The mental state of an individual is key notion to how he shall behave during interactions with others. Other philosophers have expressed psychology as the factor term of self-exploration whereby an individual explores how he/she feels about making decisions of their own without considering the opinions of others.


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