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Psychologist Melanie Klein


In preparation for writing their Eminent Person papers, students should have been researching and reading books or book chapters, professional journal articles, and reliable, scholarly internet sources about their self-selected Eminent Person.

Now, students must submit three (3) summaries of the sources they have been reading. Students should upload one document to this assignment that contains all three summaries with each summary starting on a new page (insert page breaks between each one).

The summaries will include all elements of APA style, but they will not be presented in manuscript form. Instead, the full APA style citation for the source summarized should be written at the top of the page, and the summary should begin on the next line. It should be written in proper paragraph form, double-spaced, with one inch margins, and 12-point font. When referencing the source in the summary (if needed) use only the author's name and year, which is proper APA style. Do not include the full citation within the body of the summary.

Each summary should be at least 200 words long and should include the most critical information from the source that is relevant to the student's paper. As students are summarizing their sources this week and next, they must be sure they have sources that address the three required topics for the paper (life, contributions, subsequent developments - see the assignment instructions for more information). If students do not have sources that speak to one or more of these topics, additional research will be required to fully meet the requirements of the Eminent Person paper. It is in students' best interests now to verify that their sources include not only information about their eminent persons but also that the information discovered in their research is relevant to their Eminent Person papers.


Title: Psychologist Melanie Klein
Length: 3 pages (858 Words)
Style: APA


Psychologist Melanie Klein

Sayers, J., & Forrester, J. (2013). The Autobiography of Melanie Klein. Psychoanalysis and 

History, 15(2), 127-163.

The source is the autobiography that was written by Melanie Klein in her seventy seventh year. The psychologist was born on March 30th 1882 to a physician. She joined advanced school at the age of thirteen where she enrolled for general courses since she could not qualify to study medicine: her dream field. She developed pursuit in psychoanalysis of children at the time when she had three children of her own. The psychologist sought to understand the inner life of her own children. Further, the interests advanced her knowledge of the psychological dimensions and mentalities of children. She relied on the major pillars of psychoanalysis formulated by other psychologists, especially those developed by Freud. Besides, she initiated her study of the unconscious and its impacts on the conscious.

 Klein formed a circle of friends with interests in children psychoanalysis. She was always willing to teach the technique to her colleagues in the workplace to ensure that the understanding of children psychology was a subject of interest to everyone


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