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Communications 3 Pages

Pseudoscientific Claims



-3 actual pages, double-spaced, 12 pt Times New Roman, 1" margins (no cover page) 

-2 sources in addition to Lilienfeld text, APA


1) Name and describe (in your own words) the seven warning signs that a claim about behavior might be a pseudoscientific claim (Lilienfeld, Chapter 1), and state why you think it is important to notice these signs when reading claims about behavior. Book: Psychology - From Inquiry to Understanding 2nd ed (intro txt) - S. Lilienfeld, et al., (Pearson, 2011) BBS.pdf

2) Find two examples of pseudoscientific claims made in newspapers, magazines, television, or the Internet that you think should be evaluated with a principle of scientific thinking. Describe the source and the claim made for each example. (Note: each of your 2 examples must highlight a different warning sign.) Each of these 2 sources must be cited both in the text of your paper and in the reference section using APA format.

3) For each claim, state and describe the warning sign that applies, and show how it applies.


Title: Pseudoscientific Claims
Length: 3 pages (1106 Words)
Style: APA


Pseudoscientific Claims

Introduction to pseudoscientific claims

Some people promote treatment and theories they claim to be scientific, yet they are not. The seven warning signs that qualify a claim about a behavior as a pseudoscientific claim include exaggerated claims, they seek evidence that only confirms their hypothesis, claimants avoid peer reviewing and other forms of verifications, basic theory rarely changes in response to evidence, the claim refutes things that established science has put forward concerning the world, absence of connectivity to another research, claimants seek to persuade using anecdotes, and claimants often insist that their theory/claim is accurate because it has not yet been proven wrong (Lilienfeld, Lynn, & Lohr, 2003).


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