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Proposal Writing Skills And Procedures


Article 550 Words

Proposal Writing Skills and Procedures

Bullet points to be considered on the structure of the text:


  • As a child during the school years we had to do homework (papers which will be assessed by the teacher) in order to be prepared not only for the following lesson but also for the test to come
  • The exam is the final stage to show your knowledge which you have achieved by hard work – doing your homework
  • Without it (preparation work) is impossible to pass any exam

Main Part:

  • Proposal writing is not a task accessible not only for scientists
  • Anyone can do it, all of you are talented and gifted to write good proposals in order to get funding for your project
  • Crucial is the preparation – the steps to undertake – before it comes to the exam –
  • Exam is the stage where your paper is in the hands of the donors
  • The final stage is the approval of the donor and a invitation to send the details of budget ect..

Here in the Main Part the PP.Presentation has to be included in text format (no bullet points ect... )

Please find presentation uploaded in sector “files”

  • But then ... in the final stage when it comes to passing the exam you have to show that certain rules have been installed
  • TRANSPARENCY AND ACCOUNTABILITY – which manuals are used and or procedures observed?
  • Do you have them in place (updated?)
  • Crucial: Financial Management (regulated and drafted in form of Manual)
  • Crucial: stock management and procurement – also drafted form – updated manual
  • HR!!! Are all the social security contributions and expenditures requested by law deducted and paid in a orderly fashion (evidence, payroll, personnel files ect...)


  • Therefore I call it “the homework” before the examination. Do your homework. Go and study homepages, infos about donor, their language, their vision and goals and get acquainted with the character of the doner
  • It shows not only your interest in their donation but in their values and beliefs (maybe international) work
  • It makes a good impression – maybe for the next time
  • Shows there is a potential partner
  • You´ll be most likely shortlisted for the next period/budget/call

Title: Proposal Writing Skills And Procedures
Length: 2 pages (550 Words)
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Best Proposal Writing Techniques

Writing a proposal is akin to preparing for an examination. The majority of students who excel in their exams take their homework seriously and do it thoroughly and consistently throughout the semester. In the same manner, those individuals and organizations that have a deep understanding of their donors are more likely to prepare successful proposals.

In today’s world, proposal writing skills are critical not only for scientists, but for any individuals or institutions keen on raising funds to establish a business, social enterprise, or complete a project. Successful proposal writing boils down to understanding your project (needs, goals, and plans); understanding the donor (key considerations, interests, and constraints); and effectively communicating your needs in a way that interests a donor and matches their profile.


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