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Program Capstone

Program Capstone

  • Research best practices for system integration approaches, such as the systems development life cycle (SDLC) approach, migration strategy and implementation approach, acquisition utilizing requests for proposals, and many others.
  • Select 2 of the best practice approaches, and discuss how they support responding to professional and ethical issues that could potentially impact your capstone project.
  • Provide specific examples of how the application of best practices for system integration impact project success.

Title: Program Capstone
Length: 2 pages (632 Words)
Style: APA


Program Capstone (ITCO499-1501A-01)

System integration is the incorporation of existing subsystems, which is followed up by the creation of new and unique values for the end user and to the customer (Lutig, 2006). The system integration process is more complicated than most and has a high possibility of errors as well as incurring more financial expenses if anything goes wrong. Due to this, there are best practices put in place that development teams should consider while carrying out any of the system integration approaches.


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